Welcome to Timothy James Interiors.  We are a residential interior designer based in Richmond,  Surrey.  

Our mission is to create spaces that awaken the eyes and refresh the senses.  We believe residential interiors should keep their occupants stimulated from day to day.  Each stage of our design process is collaborative and fun.  As a result, our designs are always highly bespoke and thoughtfully conceived.  

Most of our work tends to be in London or Surrey but are always open to exciting new projects no matter where they are.  So if you are looking for an interior designer in Richmond or the surrounding areas, we would love to hear from you!  


The practice is led by Tim Burden – an artist and qualified interior architect/designer with 18 years experience. 

We offer all the expertise needed to deliver a fully comprehensive interiors package.  The projects we undertake range in size up to large family homes.  What we do involves much more than just supplying you with gorgeous furnishings.  It often includes the interior architecture as well — for example bespoke kitchen design, bathroom design, fitted joinery design, interior finishes, detailing and lighting. 

We work with an exciting and talented group of craftsmen and suppliers.  Many of these, we have worked alongside for many years because they share our vision in bringing our creative visions to life.  


Many of our interior design customers contact us when they’ve just bought a new house.  They plan to renovate and furnish it but lack the confidence and expertise needed to make it an attractive prospect.  It’s understandable because it can be time consuming and complicated.

This is where we step in and take the reins.  Initially we brainstorm ideas with you and ask a series of insightful questions, before heading back to the studio to weave our magic.  

We create photo-realistic  ‘artistic impressions’ for each room, based on real dimensions.  The schemes we create incorporate all the background info we’ve collected.  Once this is presented to you and agreed, these concepts become ‘visions’ for us to turn into reality.

Everything that goes in to the interior of your property (and that really does mean everything!) is carefully designed or curated by Timothy James Interiors.   All in line with our conceptual vision.  We pull together every element with the utmost of care.  This could include the more ‘architectural’ interior elements such as the kitchen, bathrooms, fitted joinery and finishes.  On top of this comes the FF&E — this is all of the ‘loose’ items such as furniture, lamps, artwork, soft furnishings and accessories.

By the end of our design process, everything has been carefully tailored to your needs and made to look beautiful.

When the designs are complete, we carefully coordinate the implementation for you right up until your house is absolutely finished.