Comprehensive Service

We offer a comprehensive interior design service for clients who would like us to take complete control of their entire project.

Our custom service covers everything from the initial concept and presentation work to handling specifications, costings, and seamless ordering and delivery of fixtures, furniture, and soft furnishings.

We invest in building a trusted, collaborative relationship with you, keeping you informed fully and working alongside others involved in your project including architects, builders and contractors. 

Yellow kitchen with wood panelled wall delivered as part of our comprehensive interior design service
Blue basement with orange velvet sofa delivered as part of our comprehensive interior design service
Bathroom with funky floor tiles and rustic stool delivered as part of our comprehensive interior design service
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Our interior design process is collaborative, ensuring you get a home that really works for you.  Our efficient process, based on the standard RIBA Plan of Work and enriched by our years of experience and invaluable design know-how, guarantees outstanding results.

Let us transform your space into a masterpiece reflecting your style and our creative, colourful imagination. 

What you can expect

brief analysis

Our highly personalised design service starts by us exploring what you want from your home and the elements of your personal style you’d like it to reflect. 

Space planning
& architectural detailing

Through our comprehensive understanding of interior architecture, we work to enhance the space you have and ensure you’re making the right design decisions from the start. 

End-to-end project coordination

From concept to completion, we manage everything for you, proactively keeping you updated on timescales and budgets and overseeing building trades on site. 

Supply of bespoke furniture & soft furnishings

All our upholstered furniture and window treatments are designed bespoke to ensure a unique design that fits perfectly with your home. 

Bespoke artwork & accessories sourcing

We work with talented artists and makers to source the perfect finishing touches to your home from original paintings to custom rugs, cushions and bespoke chandeliers.

Project installation & styling

We finish your project on site, bringing all the elements of your design together and ensuring your home is perfectly styled to reflect our shared vision. 

Yellow sofa with pink and red cushions and eclectic artwork behind
Multi-coloured dining chairs and eclectic artwork
Blue living room with pink accents and large plants

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning to update, renovate, or transform your living spaces, engage an interior designer. An early start helps ensure a cohesive and well-executed design and ensures you make informed decisions from the outset. We work with you from the early concept stage to the final installation and styling. Read more about our interior design process here

Yes! Working with an interior designer adds value by bringing expertise, creativity, and a professional touch to your project, resulting in a well-designed and functional space. Plus, when you engage an interior designer, you also have access to their whole team of suppliers, experts and tradespeople, meaning you just need to work with one point of contact. 

Look for designers with a portfolio that resonates with your style, check reviews, and have an initial consultation to ensure a good fit. We offer a free initial consultation, and you can view our portfolio here

Be clear about your preferences, needs, and budget. Open communication and trust in their expertise lead to the best results. From time to time, you may need to make difficult decisions, and you must respect and understand the experience and expertise of your designer to guide the right choice. 

Yes. Architects focus on the structural aspects, while interior designers ensure functional layouts, aesthetic appeal, and cohesive design elements. We will work closely with your architect plus any other members of your team, including builders, to make sure you make the right decisions upfront, for example, lighting design and electrical layouts.

Other Services

Concept-Only Interior Design Package

We provide the creative steer along with everything you need to implement our designs yourself.

Hourly Interior Design Advice

We help you kickstart your project with an hour’s in person meeting to spark creativity and brainstorm ideas.

Let’s work together

If you’d like to discuss an interior design project, we can arrange a short informal chat to explore more.