Concept only package

We offer a concept-only interior design package for clients seeking a creative steer that they can then execute themselves.

Our package provides the essential elements to get you started on the right foot. You’ll receive a thoughtfully crafted floor plan, a 3D visual representation using photo-realistic CGI visuals, and a sample board to inspire your interior design journey.

Yellow velvet sofa with gallery wall behind delivered as part of our concept-only interior design package
Snooker table with abstract artwork behind
Rustic oak dining table with multi-coloured velvet chairs delivered as part of our concept-only interior design package
Light bulb illustration

Our concept-only package is an excellent choice if you’re looking to save on design fees and have the time and enthusiasm to implement our designs yourselves.

By simplifying the process, we can work together to create a space that speaks to your individuality and personal style whilst also giving you the freedom to manage the project yourself. 

What you can expect

In-depth brief analysis

Together we explore what you want from your home and the elements of your personal style you’d like it to reflect. 

Photo-realistic CGI visuals

We create a package of concept designs based on accurate dimensions which you can use as inspiration along with a sample board. 

Space planning & architectural detailing

We produce a floor plan to help you make the most of your space and ensure you make the right design decisions. 

Teal bedroom with pink headboard and eclectic artwork delivered as part of our concept-only interior design package
Multi-coloured furnishings with an angular black floor lamp delivered as part of our concept-only interior design package
Multi-coloured kitchen pendants over this island delivered as part of our concept-only interior design package

Frequently Asked Questions

An excellent interior designer understands your vision, possesses creativity, communication skills, and industry knowledge, and is adaptable to your needs. We’ve been working with private residential clients for over a decade, and we understand how to make your spaces look beautiful and work perfectly for your family and way of life. With a background in interior architecture and design, we take a more holistic approach and bring everything to life with our photo-realistic visuals, so there is no doubt about what your finished rooms will look like. 

Look for compatibility in style, communication, and budget. Trust your instincts and choose someone who understands your vision and can add their creative flair to create a truly unique home for you. A great starting point is a designer’s portfolio to give you a sense of their style. You can explore ours here

Costs vary based on location, scope of the project, and designer. Depending on the project or the specific task, designers might charge hourly rates, flat fees, or a percentage of the project cost. We provide a fee proposal upfront and are completely transparent with our prices. We will not proceed with any elements until you approve the final cost. 

Yes. Many designers offer consultations where you can seek advice, suggestions, and direction for your design project. We provide a hourly paid consultancy session, which acts as a brainstorm to kick-start your ideas. You can read more about it here

Interior designers handle both aesthetics and functionality, including layouts and structural changes. Decorators focus mainly on furnishings and decor and will not provide an overall design. Nor are they likely to have the level of expertise and architectural understanding as an interior designer. Read more about our experience and credentials here

Other Services

Comprehensive Interior Design Turnkey Service

We take care of everything for you, from initial concepts to delivery of fixtures and furnishings.

Hourly Interior Design Advice

We help you kickstart your project with an hour’s in person meeting to spark creativity and brainstorm ideas.

Let’s work together

If you’d like to discuss an interior design project, we can arrange a short informal chat to explore more.