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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. DIY is an option. However, hiring a designer can bring expertise, save time, and result in a professionally curated space. As well as our full design service, we also provide a concept-only package. Perfect if you want to tap into your design creativity but would prefer to implement our visions yourself. Learn more about it here

Communication is key. Be honest with your feedback, and a skilled designer will work to adjust the design to suit your preferences better. We build feedback and amends into every step of our process, but typically, our clients don’t have significant amends because of the time we invest at the briefing stage. Our creation of photo-realistic CGI visuals from the concept stage to the final design also helps, making it much easier for you to picture your new spaces than traditional mood boards or drawings. 

Yes, many interior designers offer procurement services and can assist in ordering furniture, decor, and materials for your project. We order all our furniture for our clients, taking advantage of our long-established trade relationships. Also, as so much of our furniture and artwork is created bespoke for your home, we manage all the suppliers on your behalf, taking delivery and storing your goods until the installation date. Please read here for more information on our process

Yes. Architects focus on the structural aspects, while interior designers ensure functional layouts, aesthetic appeal, and cohesive design elements. We will work closely with your architect plus any other members of your team, including builders, to make sure you make the right decisions upfront, for example, lighting design and electrical layouts. 

An excellent interior designer understands your vision, possesses creativity, communication skills, and industry knowledge, and is adaptable to your needs. We’ve been working with private residential clients for over a decade, and we understand how to make your spaces look beautiful and work perfectly for your family and way of life. With a background in interior architecture and design, we take a more holistic approach and bring everything to life with our photo-realistic visuals, so there is no doubt about what your finished rooms will look like.