The crucial role of lighting in residential interiors

At Timothy James we offer a full lighting design service to our residential clients. 

When designing interiors, we consider the various different categories of lighting.  These range from fixed architectural fittings to decorative lamps and pendants.  These different types of lights work harmoniously to make an interior both functional and visually appealing. 

In our lighting design schemes, we like to ‘layer up’ lighting for the purpose of creating light and shade.  By highlighting key elements and de-emphasising the areas around them we create visual interest and drama.   


We offer lighting design as part of our full interior design service

The most common type of fixed interior lights are downlights.  We position them strategically in our interiors to pick out key architectural features, or to provide light where it is needed.  Downlights can also be great for illuminating artwork.  

Floor and table lamps are perfect for providing a lower level light source.  Being focal points in themselves, lamps are great for enhancing the other furnishings and creating a visual ‘pop’ where it’s needed. 

We offer a full lighting design service for residential projects.  This includes lighting plans and the selection of all your light fittings.


Our lighting design services including lighting plans (reflected ceiling layouts), specification of all ‘architectural’ light fittings and the selection of decorative lighting such as lamps and pendants. 

When planning the lighting in a house we always consider the furniture layouts.  This is so we can make sure the different lighting types are ‘layered’ properly across the space. 

A lot of the lighting we specify is specially made for us – such as some of the hand-blown pendants and ceramics.