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We are a small, very passionate team of interior designers based in Richmond, Surrey, with an outpost in Bath. With 17 years experience in the industry, our passion is creating colourful, vibrant and eclectic interiors for our discerning clients.

The houses we design bring you joy and make you smile every single day.

From briefing right through to completion, we work hard to make our process fun and collaborative, so you get the home you really want.

We work with an exciting and talented group of craftsmen and suppliers, many of whom we have worked with for years, to bring our designs to life.

Most of our work tends to be around West London but are always open to exciting new projects no matter where they are!

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Genuinely Bespoke Interiors

For us, designing interiors is about creating moments of wonder.

The warm welcome you get when you open your door to an array of bold colours, eye-catching architecture and pleasing lines.

That comforting feeling at the end of a long day as you pour a glass of wine, surrounded by a beautiful, yet functional kitchen.

The sense of complete luxury as you sink into a sumptuous sofa, cocooned in rich fabrics, like it’s your own private members’ club.

Your home is where you can escape the chaos, be free from concern and live out your every desire. 

We make that happen.

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How we can help you

Many of our interior design customers contact us when they’ve just bought a new house. They dream of renovating and furnishing it, and even see the potential it has. However, they lack the confidence and expertise needed to make it an efficient (or pleasurable) process.

Perfectly understandable as it can be time consuming and complicated.

This is where we step in and take the reins. First we brainstorm ideas with you and ask a series of insightful questions, before heading back to the studio to weave our magic.

We create a set of photo-realistic set of ‘artistic impressions’ for each room, based on real dimensions. The schemes we create incorporate all the background info we’ve collected. Once this is presented to you and agreed, these concepts become ‘visions’ for us to turn into reality.

Everything that goes in to the interior of your property (and that really does mean everything) is carefully curated by Timothy James Interiors. All in line with our conceptual vision. We pull together every element with the utmost of care. This includes your furniture, lamps, artwork, curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and accessories.

The more ‘architectural’ elements such as bespoke kitchens and bathrooms are designed in detail and tailored to your specific needs and tastes.

Then when all our designs are complete, we carefully coordinate the implementation for you right up until your house is finished.

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